Gratitude- An Antidote For Pride by Trish


It’s that time of year when the fall season is in full effect. The leaves are turning
beautiful colors of rich hues and the crisp feeling in the air invites us to adorn
ourselves with fun boots and scarves.  If you’re anything like me you have a
cinnamon or pumpkin scented candle burning at all times so the house actually
says with its warm flavor in the air… “Fall has arrived”.
In case you couldn’t tell by my descriptive opening …I LOVE FALL. The reasons
above are just highlights but at the core of this season is a time dedicated to being
grateful. I would like to think that we are capable of counting our blessings not just
during this season but all year long.
However with a holiday marked on the calendar and family gatherings soon to be
underway, we can’t help but be presented with the thoughts of what we are truly
grateful for.
The heart of gratitude serves so many purposes in life. I believe gratitude is one of
the greatest antidotes against the issue of pride.
Recently I had the opportunity to spend just a few moments with one of my youth.
He is an incredibly talented actor, director and model at such a young age. He has a
great opportunity that he’s preparing for and as he began to share, he said he felt
this door had opened to him because he allowed God to deal with pride in his heart.
There had been hidden traces of pride that he felt held him back from doing more.
What a profound statement from such a young leader! When you remove pride from
your heart, you make room for greater blessings!
In our efforts to achieve great things and accomplish goals it can be easy to be
lifted up in pride when such things have been completed. Gratitude brings us back
to the point of realizing that behind every success was someone who helped us
along the way AND a gracious God that gave us the strength and talent to achieve
such things.
When your heart is full of gratitude it causes you to be “others minded”. You have a
sense of endearment toward those who have paved a road for you to walk on.
Gratitude takes the focus off of you and places your appreciation in proper
As you gather around family dinner tables this holiday season, I encourage you to
be mindful of the faces seated around you and appreciate the contribution they
have made to your life. Tell them with your words and show them with your actions.
Serve with gratitude and as a wise young man reminded me, watch the
opportunities that come your way when you deal with any pride you may have in
your heart.
Happy THANKSgiving!