For The Lord Is Good by Kenika 100:5 “For the Lord is good…”

If you are a person that has been in church for any amount of time, you may have heard someone refer to God as being good.  Even if you’ve never stepped foot in a church you may have heard your grandma or some churchy person recite the line, “God is good all the time.”  When people are struggling with the notion of the existence of God and what He is like, the number one question tends to be, “If God is so good, why does he let _________ happen?”  The fill in the blank is usually some sort of injustice, poverty, crime or evil in the world.  Believers sometimes say that God is good all the time no matter what it looks like, feels like or seems like, He’s still good.  But in a world like ours and in the dispensation that we live in, people are having a hard time comprehending that something or someone can be inherently good.  We are constantly let down by others, and sometimes even our own actions leave us thinking we are no good either.

Instead of looking at my own frailties and focusing in on the failures of  others, I draw comfort in knowing that God is always good.  If I’m having a bad day, He’s still good.  If everything is going according to plan, He is good.  When everything I know to be true is falling to pieces, He is good. He never changes.  It’s the one place that I can run to.  It’s the idea that no matter what, He is a good God. He’s not just good in some ways, and not in others. In all ways, at all times, He is to the nature and core of Him, good.

We have to learn to see Him in this light and affirm Him as being this in our lives. Otherwise we will drive ourselves crazy trying to figure every little thing out.  Why did that happen, or why didn’t this happen?  These are questions that will take us away from a simple idea.  Whether it’s good times or bad times, high times or low times, whether we feel like it or not, God is always good. That is what is so great about Him and His character.  He’s dependable, reliable and constant.

This understanding leaves little room for doubt or question.  His truest goodness draws us to Him and binds us to His love forever.