Uniting Hearts by Sonya


My husband and I just returned from an amazing two week vacation traveling through the countries of Italy, Greece and Turkey.  We celebrated ten years of marriage and this was a trip of a lifetime.  This trip felt like our second honeymoon reuniting us all over again. I can’t explain it but it felt like we were newlyweds and having the passionate love for each other where you get giddy just being together.  This reminded me of our relationship with Christ when we first come to know Him we can’t stop being in fellowship with Him.  Like our spouse, we fall hard for Him and want to please Him in every aspect of life.   Then as time goes we get busy again, our priorities change, and we tend to put less focus on our spouse because of work or children. Or we tend to go several days without reading God’s word, praying or fellowshipping with Our Heavenly Father.  This can be a challenging time because your relationship gets sacrificed and hindered when other things take precedence over what is really important. The relationship then gets taken for granted and we may not realize the importance until we are in a crisis or challenge. I have realized taking the time out for what is important in my life has blessed me and allowed me not to take for granted those relationships.

Realigning my heart with God’s and reuniting with my husband has been the best thing for me. It makes me yearn to keep those relationships in check and taking the extra effort to keep my heart united to my first love. I know I have to pray that the distractions of work, home, and church don’t get in the way of whom I worship and love. God first, my husband second, and then my family and church.   I encourage each married couple to take time away for your marriage and reconnect in a way that you have no distractions but focusing on each other. For the two weeks we didn’t use our phones other than connecting with our kids and we didn’t go online or take computers. This was such a huge blessing because work or social media wasn’t right there to distract us from our time with each other and with our time with the Lord.  This time with the Lord, or your spouse, is priceless and it is worth the effort to make it a priority. God desires us through all circumstances and constantly wants us united with Him. Our purpose should be united with Him.  “Choose today whom you will serve…But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15