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Every once in a while something happens that causes the bottom of our lives to seemingly fall out.  Whether crisis, job loss, family problems or whatever, there comes a time when we scratch our heads and wonder if we’ll ever make it out.  If it hasn’t happened to you already, just keep living.  The world is full of bumps, bruises and set backs that are all designed to slow us down or stop us completely in our pursuit of God and His perfect plan for our lives.  What we have to stop and ask ourselves is if this is going to be “the big one”?  Are we going to allow the situation or problem to knock us out completely, or will we adapt or do whatever is necessary to keep going? I learned my answers to these questions from a plant.

A while ago I purchased my first home and I was so excited to do so. God had blessed me in such a way that it was the perfect home, in the right neighborhood, at the right price.  There I was a single female with the paperwork to my very own home.  I started right away converting this empty shell into something warmer to dwell in.  During this time, there were some amazing people in my life that gave me gifts to help me celebrate. One of those gifts was a beautiful rose bush.  When I was younger my mother showed me how to do a lot of things, but unfortunately I did not inherit her green thumb.  I didn’t know what to do with it!  I didn’t want to plant it in the ground, because I had plans of redoing the landscaping anyway, so I found the biggest pot I could, surrounded the bush with topsoil and continued to water it.  For a while it didn’t seem that anything was happening, and throughout the winter months I almost questioned if it was even still alive.  Paying no attention to the fact that there was little movement, I continued to water it and moved it when necessary to ensure that it was getting the proper amount of light.

Fast-forward two years, and I am now prepared to do the landscaping.  I go back out to move my potted rose bush as I’ve done many times before, which is now in full bloom by the way, but this time I experienced some resistance. After a couple of tugs, I tipped it over and looked underneath to discover the roots had pierced through the teeny tiny hole in the bottom of the pot into the ground.  I was completely amazed by this.  I put the rose bush in a habitat that really wasn’t conducive for continued growth, but it found a way to maintain by breaking free to get the nutrients that it needed to survive.  I suppose all of life is a sermon because I was immediately encouraged by the tenacity of this bush.  Even though life (or me in this case) had not provided it with the proper room to grow and become all it needed to be, and even though all the elements and odds had seemingly turned against it, it still managed to persevere.  Instead of rolling over and dying, literally, this plant decided it would be best to adapt, to become adjustable, to connect, to do whatever it took to thrive.  It wouldn’t give up, it wouldn’t stay confined, and had to break free from its current environment in order to keep living.



Photo Credit:  Dreamstime

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  1. Dear Kenika. You’ve done it again! Loved this month’s article. The beautiful way you express yourself in your writings, filled with such God-given wisdom always puts a smile on my face and warms my heart.

    May God continue to richly bless you and this wonderful ministry!

    1. Thanks cousin!! You are such an encouragement. We appreciate you reading and supporting faithfully.

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