No Condemnation by Trish




Recently I was thinking about a mistake I had made and it literally consumed me for the entire day. No matter what task I was working on my thought pattern reverted back to the area of failure I had felt. Most of us as women have a heart to serve, to please and to produce positive results. When we fall short or don’t meet the expectations we put on ourselves it can easily affect our thoughts, our behavior and emotions. But God has not called us to succumb to condemnation. When reminded of the verse that says, “There is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus,” (Romans 8:1) I was instantly freed of the burden of what was done wrong. I was no longer a prisoner of my mistake.

Oh my goodness! That was great news! People have a tendency to hold things over your head and bring to your remembrance all of the things you’ve done wrong, but thank God we have a Heavenly Father who remembers our sins no more! Many of us deal with perfectionism to a degree and some deal with this more severely than others. Perhaps you don’t deal with perfectionism but performance nonetheless.  We “feel” good if we’ve “done” good. While it is true that our devotion to Christ should produce good works, our emotional well-being should not be based on the nod of approval of our latest A+ in life.  Ladies we must learn to lay down our strengths and weaknesses alike at the foot of the cross and surrender them to Jesus. Any good that comes out of my life is because of the grace of God enabling me with gifts and talents that I alone could not attain. Anything that is considered a failure or mistake is drenched with His mercy and purchased by His sacrifice.

Can I encourage you ladies? Know that there is nothing you have done or will ever do that can separate you from the love of God. Mistakes big or small are forgiven when true repentance takes place. It is then your responsibility to adopt the mindset of a victor. We have been made MORE than conquerors. We have a responsibility to live our lives in Godly confidence that is bold in who He has created us to be. Our identity is not in what we’ve done (good or bad) but what’s been done for us. My identity is in Jesus and in Him alone! When we determine to live life according to who we are in Christ we encourage those around us to do the same.  We can approach our day with confidence with the realization that there are going to be days that we miss the mark. With that in mind, we’re not given permission to abuse His mercy but access it as freely as needed. That’s why for each new day He’s provided a new mercy to keep you covered.  It’s okay to admit your “Wonder Woman” cape has wrinkles in it, or perhaps even a few stains, but it doesn’t make you any less valuable. If anything it makes your story all the more powerful as you share from a place of authenticity that demonstrates the beauty of His grace actively at work in your life.


Photo Credit:  Dreamstime