Label Making by Bombi



I’ve been thinking lately about the way I tend to categorize things. Putting things in its proper place is a good thing. It’s what helps to keep our pantries at home nice and neat, our work spreadsheets clean and together, and our Pinterest boards streamlined and cool. You get my drift.  Labeling things whether literally or figuratively can help to keep the clutter away. But where it gets tricky is when I want to put myself into a category. If I’m not careful, I start labeling myself with words that box me into a space I was never meant to live in.  I’ve had some life experiences in my 30+ years. I’ve experienced wonderful things like motherhood, traveling to foreign countries, and amazing moments in the presence of God. Like anyone else I’ve also experienced hardships as well.  I’m talking about the very things that seemed to nearly take me out like divorce, depression, panic attacks, to name a few.

For whatever reason, in those dark moments I found myself taking out my label maker so I can stamp and shelf myself into some category. I know I can’t be the only one who does this labeling. Seems like when something negative happens in someone’s life there can be the tendency for the person and others around them to place that permanent scarlet letter on their chest or that big “L” stamped on their forehead.

God must have known we’d have this tendency. He must have known that there would be times when we literally begin to forget who we are. Yet God’s word shows us time and time again that when He looks at you and me, He sees the blood of Jesus that has covered us. He sees His creation, and He sees His sacrifice. He sees the ones whom He “so loved”. Friend, take that sign off of your forehead, rip that scarlet letter off of your chest, and put that label maker away. Pick up His word…the mirror, take a look at it, and slowly you will begin to see that God has a place and label on you too, a banner if you will. That banner over you is love.

“He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love.”

~Song of Solomon 2:4 KJV


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2 Replies to “Label Making by Bombi”

  1. Those of us who have the pleasure of working with Bombi every day and watching her blossom would have to ‘label’ her… roll model; mentor; and encourager.

    Keep the light of Christ shining through you Bombi, blessing all of us who get to rub shoulders with you each day. Blessings!

    1. Wow, Patti,
      Thank you so very very much for your support, your encouragement, and just lifting my spirits over and over.
      Love you!

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