Lazy Loyal by Kenika


Spring is in the air and we all know what that means. Time to put away your winter clothes, air out your spring attire, and clean house.  Just about every spring I go through my closet and look for any items of clothing that I have not worn in the last year and I give them away.  It’s just my little yearly ritual that forces me to evaluate what has been useful to me, and what has not.  This year as I am preparing to go through my closet and garage, I want to do not only a sweep of my physical possessions, but in other areas as well. When it comes to certain people that I deal with or do business with, let’s say like my lawn guy, I tend to be what I like to call “lazy loyal”.  Is he the best at what he does? No he is not.  Am I one hundred percent satisfied with his work? Not by a long shot. Are there dozens of other landscaping companies that I could use? The number is endless. But, what do I do? I stick with him loyally and faithfully because I am too lazy or unwilling to do the work required to get better service.  So now I begin to wonder if this is something I do in other areas of my life?  Are there friendships, associates, and other connections that I maintain simply out of convenience? These are truths that I think each person should ask of himself or herself on a regular basis…perhaps even more than once a year.

We could have quality and meaningful relationships whether friendship, romantic, or business, but we stick with those who have been around for a while, not because we need them, but because we don’t have the courage to start again.  We stay on the job not because we absolutely love it and feel fulfilled by it, but because it’s too much work and quite frankly kind of scary, to launch out or follow our dreams.  We could boast about being loyal to people, organizations, or ideas but the truth is that our loyalty can sometimes be rooted in laziness.  This year as you clean out your home or external temple, take time to evaluate your internal one as well and make sure that everything and everyone is operating at the highest level of functionality and purpose.  If not, it’s time to ditch the lazy loyal mentality, clean house and make some real changes.

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    1. LOL! We do have ….a “form” of winter. I still swap out my clothes seasonally as if I’m still up north. You can take the girl out of Yankee territory but you can’t take the Yankee out of the girl 😉

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