Extravagant Love by Trish


Has your heart ever been pursued for in such way that even if you weren’t interested you couldn’t help but take notice because of the determination to seek after your attention and affection? I was sharing with a friend over coffee (of course!) that there is something so endearing about the “thrill of the chase” for both the guy and the girl involved. For the guy, it’s the thrill of seeking after something that has caught his attention and the goal of obtaining the prize that he deems as priceless. The warrior inside of him chases, pursues, and sets out to conquer any obstacles that stand between him and the prize of her heart. For us ladies, the realization that someone has recognized the worth of who we are is beyond endearing. To see a man fight for what he wants and put the work into getting our attention AND our devotion supports the notion that he values the treasure in who we are. While I’m a hopeless romantic and love the details of a true love story, I’m even more enthralled by a love that has not only captured my attention but my heart, for life. When I see how God has pursued me in every season and so lovingly wooed my heart, it leaves me speechless. I can look back over every season of my life from the time I was a child and trace His grace and love in every detail.  His pursuit was gentle, not over-bearing, but tender and consistent. It is in the heart of women to be loved for who we are, not just what we look like or what we have to offer. There is a God who loves us so unconditionally, captivated by the beauty He sees in us and sings over us! His love is so extravagant! Who can truly comprehend the fullness of His love? I know that I can’t.

One day, as I was driving in my car, I thought about how His love has always provided for me, protected me and covered me! The more I realize the depths of His love for me the less tolerance I have for any counterfeit. I make no apologies for a life devoted to Him. I know where He has brought me from. I’m a country girl from very simple means. According to statistics my life should have had a different outcome. People and society will try and predict what a life is capable of accomplishing, but because I had a mom who taught me about the love of Christ I took what I learned, believed it, and watched God shower my life with His love and take me to places beyond what my dreams could ever show me! His love has the ability to take what man sees as ordinary and make it extraordinary. His love has the ability to take those caught up in deception, sexual immorality, deceit, lies and all manner of evil, and turn their lives into a masterpiece of His love, a portrait of grace. His love is so pure. He’s not seeking to take advantage of you; He longs to simply reveal to you what true love looks like.

What are you dealing with today? Perhaps it’s a sin of your past that you’ve never forgiven yourself for. Maybe a sin was committed towards you that has left you feeling unworthy, dirty, and unloved. Or maybe you have never seen yourself as an overcomer, never come to the understanding of how valuable your life is. Please allow me to speak life over you right now and declare HIS LOVE IS ABLE TO CLEANSE YOU AND MAKE YOU WHOLE, TRANSFORM YOU AND MAKE YOU NEW! Don’t look at your messed up situations, or your limitation, but rather open your heart and accept His extravagant love and watch Him transform your life. God is pursuing your heart. He is so interested in you and will not give up on you. End the chase today and surrender your heart to His extravagant love!

Trish leads Ladies on Life and currently oversees the Girl’s Mentorship Program (Girl Power) at Majestic Life Church.