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Thank you God for my Dad by Bombi

When I was a little girl I nearly idolized my dad. I found him to be the funniest, smartest, most interesting man ever. When he’d go jogging around the neighborhood I’d tag along. When he would do his sit-ups I’d sit on his feet and help him keep count. Try making fun of him and […]

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Fatherless Generation by Kenika

    In the age of social media, we can fully expect that every May just before Mother’s Day our timelines will be flooded with photos, stories, and tributes to mothers all over the world.  A couple of years ago I noticed how this trend was growing even more so than years prior to.  However, […]

A Father’s Love by Sonya

  As I think about Father’s Day this month it reminds me of how important the love of a father is to a child. A father’s love is powerful and life changing to a child. I believe we all yearn for the approval and love from our father. For some it is hard if they don’t have an […]

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The Power of a Thank You by Trish

  In a recent conversation with my fiancé, we discussed the power of a thank you and how significant it is to show appreciation.Gratitude, in my own personal terms, is an expression of sincere appreciation for what has been done for you. We live in a society where so many feel entitled to things and […]

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Never-Ending Story by Kenika

  I’m starting to feel like God is dealing with me in a certain way on purpose. That way is through the reality that no matter how many years I’ve lived, or how many times I’ve gone through self-improvement processes, I will never ever come to a place where I can say, “I have arrived.”  […]