This month’s articles


Ladies On Life Celebrates 9 Years!!

                            We have had the incredible honor of serving our virtual family of sisterhood for 9 years this month! We’v been able to connect with  and support  women worldwide because of the awesome tool of Ladies On Life. It’s been our joy […]


A Woman of Standard by Trish

Standard by definition (and with me paraphrasing) means to display a level of quality or excellence. To me, having a standard equates to having a “line in the sand” that says “this is my boundary and I will faithfully hold fast to what I personally believe is best for me.” What does a lady with […]


Like Being a Pumpkin by Sonya

 Fall is here and I thought about all the things that fall stands for.  One of them is pumpkins and our favorite tradition during this time is carving pumpkins as a family. Pumpkins are a great illustration of God’s love for us. First it takes picking out a pumpkin and my kids love to pick […]


World History by Bombi

This fall my high schooler is taking A.P. World History. After school, she’ll tell me a bit about what she’s learning and give a little breakdown of the lessons on world religion. I remember learning in school about world religion. It was at this time that God was revealing Himself in some of the deepest […]


Why Do You Do What You Do by Kenika

    I don’t believe there has ever been a time in the entire history of the world that has held more distractions than the time we live in now.  The internet, laptops, tablets, and cell phones are just the starting point of social media videos, comments, pictures, memes and images.  Perhaps you are one […]